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    yesterday's time

    Hello everyone,

    I want to get the same time in yesterday, is there any bug in my below code?

    My concern is code, _CurrentDate.Now.Day - 1, if current date is 1, 1 minus 1 is zero, not a valid date?

            DateTime _CurrentDate = DateTime.Now;
            DateTime _LastDate = new DateTime(_CurrentDate.Now.Year, _CurrentDate.Now.Month, _CurrentDate.Now.Day - 1, _CurrentDate.Now.Hour, _CurrentDate.Now.Second);

    thanks in advance,

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    You want to subtract one day from your date ? Well, how about reading the help file, which will tell you how to do so one the very first page ? I will not be your copy&paste fool. Go read up on it for yourself.

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    And really you might consider stopping the cross posts...

    Search for every thread you started here and you will find like 3 different places where you asked the question...

    For this thread you can get answers at codeguru ( and at

    If you really find it that hard to come up with solutions to problems like this then well i can only conclude you are not that good of a programmer... If you don't know search the help pages on msdn, if that still doesnt help you forward you can still think about things a bit and find out yourself...

    Sorry if this sounds offending but thats just my opinion.

    And oh yeah before i forget those are not the only places you cross post at: csharpfriends,, and probably many more all seem favorite places for you to spam your questions around.
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