Thread: clean up resource in HttpListenerContext

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    clean up resource in HttpListenerContext

    Hello everyone,

    I currently clean-up resource in an HttpListenerContext instance in this way.

    - Get Request.InputStream, and Close it;
    - Get Response.OutputStream, and Close it.

    My question is,

    Is it the correct way to clean-up resouces? Since I did not fonud a Dispose or Close method for this class. Are there any more elegant way to clean-up resouce for HttpListenerContext?

    thanks in advance,

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    Hey, I know.


    Seriously, you have like the 20 last posts in the C# forum. Do you think everyone that replies to your posts know the answer off the top of their head? Unlikely. Where do they go to find the answer? Well, google will do a good job, but most google searches will direct the searchers to MSDN anyway.

    Believe me, if there exists information on whether or not doing it your way is the correct way or not, it'll be on the language's designers website, don't you think?
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