Thread: how to use event to re-write this code segment?

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    how to use event to re-write this code segment?

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my code segment for a thread, which will sleep one second, do some work and check if the stop status is set -- if set, then break the loop and stops the method.

    My question is, whether it is possible to use event (e.g. ManualResetEvent) to implement similar logics?

            void ThreadMethod1()
                while (true)
                    if (stop)
                        // break;
                        // do something

    thanks in advance,

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    Yes. Instead of Sleep you could "Wait" for your event with a timeout of 1000. The wait function will return whether it timed out or the event was set. If it timed out, run your code and wait again, if it was set, leave the loop.

    In your other code, instead of a stop variable, set the event. As with a normal variable, you need to reset the event after your loop ends. If this is the only portion of code "Wait"-ing for this event, you can use an AutoResetEvent, which will reset itself automatically after being waited for.

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