Thread: Randomly generating colors from an array.

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    Question Randomly generating colors from an array.

    I have a class project. I need to fill a form with multicolored snow using an array. I've loaded 3 colors into an array, but I can't get it to randomly pick from the array because it can't convert system.drawing.color to an integer. Can anyone help me get around this? This is my code so far.

    System.Drawing.Color[] colorList = new System.Drawing.Color[3];
                colorList[0] = Color.Orange;
                colorList[1] = Color.Green;
                colorList[2] = Color.Red;
                DateTime currentDateTime = DateTime.Now;
                Random colorRandom = new Random(currentDateTime.Millisecond);
                Color snowPen;
                snowPen =  colorList[];
                DateTime currentDateTime2 = DateTime.Now;
                Random snowRandom = new Random(currentDateTime.Millisecond);
                int xIntegerSnow = Convert.ToInt32(this.Width / 2),
                    yIntegerSnow = Convert.ToInt32(this.Height / 2);
                Pen whitePen = new Pen(snowPen, 2);
                // Make it snow in random locations.
                for (int indexInteger = 1; indexInteger < 40000; indexInteger++)
                    int xInteger = snowRandom.Next(1, this.Width);
                    int yInteger = snowRandom.Next(1, this.Height);
                    e.Graphics.DrawLine(whitePen, xInteger, yInteger,
                          xInteger + 1, yInteger + 1);

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    snowPen = colorList[];

    In that line, pick one color ar random:

    snowPen = colorList[snowRandom.Next(0,2)];

    Now it will pick one color at random and create the pen. You probably want to have each line in a different color, so move the color selection and pen creation into the loop.

    For performance reasons you should create an array of pens with each pen the color of one of your arrays of colors. Then in your loop select one pen randomly just like you did with the colors before.

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