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    Simple db problem

    OleDbConnection thisConnection = new OleDbConnection("provider = microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;data source = people.mdb;");
                    OleDbCommand thisCommand = new OleDbCommand("SELECT ID FROM people",thisConnection);
                    OleDbDataReader thisReader = thisCommand.ExecuteReader();
                    Console.WriteLine("Product ID : {0}",
    Can anyone help with this??? I want to read values from a db, but I have this problem...It throws an invalid operation: no data exists for the row column.I have a db with only one column named id, with two fields containing 1 and 2. What should I put on the GetValue argument???

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    You have to call Read on the reader, once per row:
      object IndexedField = thisReader[0];
      object NamedField = thisReader["NamedField"];
    If you're sure there's just one row you could replace "while" with "if" instead.

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