Thread: my Dictionary removal code correct?

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    my Dictionary removal code correct?

    Hello everyone,

    I want to iterator a Dictionary variable instance, and remove all elements under a specific condition.

    Here is my code. My questions about whether the following solution will function correctly?

    1. will dic.Remove(key) operation impact keys collection?
    2. will dic.Remove(key) operation impact dic[key] operation?

    I have such concern is because I heard while interation in the middle, remove any elements inside the Dictionary is dangerous because it will make some reference invalid and impact result. Any ideas?

            Dictionary<string, Foo>.KeyCollection keys = dic.Keys;
            foreach (string key in keys)
                // order is a public property of Foo class
                if (dic[key].order > 100)
                    // will keys collection variable be impacted if we remove here?
                    // will dic[key] operation also be impacted?

    thanks in advance,

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    In general you should never remove an item from a collection while you're traversing it. You might want to create a temporary list to store all items to remove in, then traversing that list later. Is kind of a hack, but works.
    foreach(Entry in Dictionary)
      if(Entry should be removed)
    foreach(Entry in TempList)

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