Thread: Question about background workers

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    Question about background workers

    I have a breadth first search that I've been toying with for a bit, and it works very well. The problem is, that if it has to perform more than a certain number of comparisons it freezes my computer. I tried adding a backgroundWorker but it never completes the function. It enters, according to the various break points I've added but never completes it. Is there a certain amount of code that a background worker will do or is there more that I need to add then the following:

                  //various setups for the search 
                    backgroundWorker1.DoWork += new          doWorkEventHandler(backgroundWorker1_DoWork);
    private void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)

    all the variables are global so it shouldn't be a problem with variable passing. Any help would be very appreciated.

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    Perhaps the problem lies in you are calling the function you are calling, not the threads which you are creating. May we look at the function that is causing the hang, por favor.

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    There is a ProgressChanged event that's triggered when you call "ReportProgress(int progress, obj result)" within the DoWork event and can constantly update the status of the calculation. You can then set flags and cancel it with CancelAsync method.

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