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    .NET Windows Application Question

    Hi every boDy..
    i have some problem in .NET windows application...

    My problem is, hOw can i Use Refresh Report Viewer Button in the Report in C# Form .. i mean that Usually on clicking on Refresh Report Viewer Button ,It Shows New Data, but here is sOme thing wrong, b/c when every i press it then its shows Old data not new one.

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    Your data sounds as though it is not being committed to your database, otherwise a refresh would retrieve the data and thus the data displayed would reflect the changes made.

    Most databases/DBMS' require that the user explicitly commit changes to the database or the changes are merely dropped when a new transaction is initiated.

    Consult your DBMS' literature referencing the procedures/processes for committing and rolling back changes/updates to tables, columns, and rows and you should find all the information your heart desires...hopefully.

    Take care and happy hunting!

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