Thread: Search for words and change their color

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    Search for words and change their color

    If you have a richTextBox that contains these words.
    What is the best/good way to do, if I want to change the color of the word "hello" to Ex: red.
    Is there any searchfunction that can select multiple words etc...
    I am trying to find a way to do this.

    one two three hello
    five hello

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    I have a complete mind block on the actual code, but know the process... (!)

    Put all the richTextBox contents in to a string, replace search term in string with the word itself and the formatting needed.

    ie. (but not actually this! This example replaces the term wanted with a bolded word in html format)

    public static void ReplaceText(string myTerm)
      string myString = richTextBox1.Text;
      myString.Replace(myTerm, "<b>"+myTerm+"<\b>");
      richTextBox1.Text = myString;
    Then you can just feed in whatever term you want ("hello") like so:

    I'm bored, needed to do something random...
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