Anyone know where I could get my hands on a Gesture Based Drawing application? Nothing fancy, in fact even something primitive and quite basic would do. For example, being able to draw the closest approximation to a shape the user just drew. Being able to select different colors maybe. Even selecting a shape button in advance so you'd know what kind of gesture to expect. I ask because I want to do a comparison to an application I developed, perform user testing and gather data in order to determine if it in fact mine is a good application or not. I would code one myself but I'm lacking in time and need to get the user testing and trials underway soon. Let me know, maybe you developed something basic for a class once...If someone does help me out, don't forget to mention what kind of credit and citation I should use (if any) to note your contribution.

p.s. this is nothing serious, nothing that important or academic, not even in any way professional. Just a side project of mine with a small time window to get the testing done. Don't want to mislead anyone. Thanks in advance!