Thread: What am I doing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo1 View Post

    This should help, the loop will now stop when the end of the file has been reached, and it'll also stop if under == false...
    This code was shown to the OP several times. What we are trying to achive here - make the OP realize WHY it was written that way...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daved View Post
    >> When I checked my output it equaled the amount I got from using the calculator.

    But did you try that specific case? The point is that if you get to the end of the file and are still under 1000 then you'll have problems.
    Ahh, got ya. Thank you all for your help with that. Sorry to be such a nuisance. This is all new to me and I am trying very hard to understand everything. Sometimes it is difficult for me to understand what you all are trying to tell me or show me as I have not had that much exposure to programming. Some of the things you show me in code are greek. I just don't understand them. Basically, I only know some of the basics but I am learning a lot and getting a better picture with all of your inputs. Thank you again.

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