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    Best UNIX/Linux C++ Editor


    The spring semester began at my college this week. I registered for a "special" class that is not about learning C++, but it is about working in teams to solve problems using C++. We enter into competitions statewide against other universities. So this is a pretty serious journey I am traveling.

    We code in the UNIX environment. I have had previous experience with Linux including Red Hat and Debian. I do not have problems managing the OS. However, I have been using Visual C++ 6 and .NET only. I began using UNIX vi C++ editor this week. It is quite easy, but is tedious when it comes to coying and pasting.

    Anyways, what is the best UNIX C++ editor?

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    Grasp is kinda nice. The most recent builds focus more on working with JAVA on non UNIX platforms, but they have the old UNIX stuff availible. Not sure how it stacks up to the competition, which I have not tried, but it works pretty well as far as editing goes. Worth a shot, anyway.

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    Hey, thanks.

    I program strictly in UNIX command and not XWindow. I am currently using vi, which I am used to now.

    As I said above, I come from a Visual C++ environment. Even now I still prefer Visual C++ because it is easier to move around, modify specific code at specific sections because of the mouse.

    What does emac has that vi does not? The programming professor/leader of the team recommend emac over vi. He said emac can emulate vi.

    Lastly, why do developers prefer UNIX over NT environment? I find the UNIX environment (non-XWindows), primitive. Everything takes time including typing in long commands.


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    emacs works well too. i like it much better than vi. there's also an enhanced version of vi but i've never used it. if you have access to a gui then there are a lot more options but give emacs a try. it's very powerful and not too tough to use.

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    Originally posted by kuphryn

    Lastly, why do developers prefer UNIX over NT environment? I find the UNIX environment (non-XWindows), primitive. Everything takes time including typing in long commands.

    You can't really compare the UNIX non Xwindows with Windows NT becasue they are different, ones GUI ones command line. If you have a machine that will run NT it will run Xwindows so why not compare the GUI's.
    or compare unix command line with DOS (we all know what wins there).

    I use Linux (Xwindows) and developers choose Linux because you have access to all the code, kernels, modules, utilities, applications, games (mostly) and lots of other stuff. There are many reasons why people choose these OS's and we could start a big battle thread if we started trying to decide which is best. I like Linux other people like other systems.

    But anyway back to the point its not a good comparison to compare a GUI system to the command line. what you should do is compare the command line and gui of both systems. DOS ->UNIX and windows -> Xwindows. Think of it like this not many people will say its better to use DOS than NT. Even saying that there are people who prefer the commandline to gui's but I don't, I use both. In linux you have tty's and all sorts of terminal emulators so this is easy. I use a graphical texteditor for functionality, commandline compiler and commandline debugger for quickness and simplicity.

    I recommend you install Xwindows on your nix box and use the tools of both command line and gui combined to get your work done.

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    I use nedit. It's like notepad, except it highlights code different colors. It uses XWindows, though.

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    i second ->taylorguitarman<-.

    Mr. Mod this question comes up enough, maybe a canidate for FAQ.


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    Turkey gave an insightful perspective to Vi vs. Emacs.

    He said Vi is faster. He said Emacs has more features.

    Console: I think it is clear that more developers mentioned Vi and/or Vim. I have not used Vim. What is the difference between it and Vi?

    X: I saw more developers mentioning NEdit. I have not used any X C++ editor. I have used Vi through X's console terminal, but that was the same as console.

    Console? Use Vi (Vim?)
    X? Use NEdit


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