Thread: How do I use the debugger?

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    Question How do I use the debugger?

    Can someone point me towards a tutorial or post which explains how to use the debugger? I'm sure it's too large of a program to explain in a single post (maybe a book?) I don't know. I'm talking about the one bundled with MSVC++ 6.0

    Thanks in advance.

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    using the debugger in vc6.0

    use the help files there is a tutorial under

    the topic using visual c++\debugger

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    The best way to learn about the debugger is to play around with it.
    Write a simple program that you understand, have a few function calls in it, make a few functions of your own and call them. Anything simple will do.
    Then set a breakpoint(use F9) at the start of main, and you can use the debug toolbar to step through the program.
    You can run the code up to the cursor, step into the next statement, which will let you debug a function call, but be careful, if you step into a library function you will see the disassembled machine code.
    Play around with setting breakpoints, stepping into and out of functions, or stepping over functions.
    There are windows at the bottom for displaying values of variables, the one of the left is automaticly changed by the debugger to whatever vars are in scope, and the on on the right can be changed by you.

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