Thread: sprintf of float giving "1.#QO"

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    sprintf of float giving "1.#QO"


    I am having an intermittent problem. It's a C++ program written in VC++ 6.0 (very old, I know). It's a fairly complex application with some fairly complex mathematical calculations. Most of it wasn't written by me. Anyway, every once in a while one of the fields on the screen shows "1.#QO" instead of the proper result. This MIGHT be just the beginning of the string, because of the size of the field is limited.

    I am sure it's a bad calculation somewhere that probably results in an invalid floating point number. Does anyone have an idea that could help me narrow my search?


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    Is some sort of isnan function available for use with some debugging code near where the output is generated?
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    You may also find enabling x87 exceptions may help:

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