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    need some help..

    i need some help in recursion..anyone can help me to transform this coding into recursion??

    please teach me how to transform it..thank u~

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main(){
         string reversed;
         string str;
         cout<<"Input: ";
         for(int i = str.length() - 1; i >= 0; i--)
         reversed += str[i];
         cout<<"Output :"<<reversed<<endl;
    return 0;

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    Start with the base case. If you have a string of zero or one character, how would you reverse it?

    Then take the next possibility: if you have a string of two characters, how would you reverse it?
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    You may want ot fix the current code first:

    conio.h is not standard
    getch is not standard - read FAQ how to prevent the program window from dissapearing

    <string.h> is a C-header for C-string manipulation routines, C++ versin is <cstring>
    You do not need any of this - use <string> for std::string class

    using namespace std;
    should not be placed before any header - it can cuase problems

    to make your code recursive write a fuction reverseString(string& s)
    that will take last char of the string
    and return
    lastChar + reverseString(substring without lastChar)

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