Thread: Weird access violation error with stack

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    Weird access violation error with stack

    In my game, I have this piece of code:
    if (Game::EnemiesToSpawn.empty())
          Game::isSpawned = false;
          level.setCurrentLevel(level.getCurrentLevel() + 1);
          SpawnEnemy(, enemy_Knight);
    I used some ghetto-style debugging. This game library does not have a debug build, so I cannot step-through. What I did was have it write to a text file every couple lines to narrow it down (not shown obviously). It errors out right before the SpawnEnemy call.

    It does not even get to the first line of the actually SpawnEnemy function. Enemy_Knight is simply an integer enumerator. EnemiesToSpawn is a stack of ints. There is nothing else it could be except for the stack.

    What's weird is I will get an access violation error RANDOMLY. It's always on this line, but it occurs anywhere from 2-10 minutes of game play. I don't get why it does this - what exactly would cause an error like this? I would think it would maybe occur if the stack is empty when I tried to top() it, but the if statement is clear and straightforward - that can't be the case.


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    Here's the problem:
    This game library does not have a debug build, so I cannot step-through
    It could be anything from memory corruption to lack of multi-threading synchronisation, and is nothing directly related to the code posted.
    You can try commenting out stuff until the problem doesn't happen, but with up to 10 minutes to reproduce the problem, that could take a very very long time!
    You need to make a debug build and use that and stop shooting yourself in the foot.
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    If the library doesn't have source code, then you are stuffed. For the next project, consider getting a library that has debug/source code available.

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