Thread: What's the difference between isdir() and S_ISDIR()?

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    What's the difference between isdir() and S_ISDIR()?

    I am reading linux's source code and I see 2 functions:
    isdir() and S_ISDIR()

    I can't find related definitions of them. What's the difference between isdir() and S_ISDIR() ?

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    More forums, better answers, eh?

    [edit] Alright, here's my shot at it . . . have to show we're better than codeguru, after all.

    As far as I can tell, isdir() isn't very standard.

    S_ISDIR(), on the other hand, is a very common macro in <sys/stat.h>, and is probably POSIX standard.

    And another thing -- S_ISDIR() is called on the result of stat(), and it just checks an integer, so it's very efficient. isdir() appears to take a filename as a string, however, so opening and checking that would be pretty inefficient.

    For more information about stat(): [/edit]
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