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    switch case statement

    I'm getting errors with the following switch case statement.

    /*switch (command_read)
    			case command_list[0]:
    			case command_list[1]:
    			case command_list[2]:
    			case command_list[3]:
    			case command_list[4]:
    I'm getting the following error:
    --------------------Configuration: IO - Win32 Debug--------------------
    G:\Current Courses\EECE 314\projects\el_with_synchronization\IO\IO.CPP(71) : error C2051: case expression not constant
    G:\Current Courses\EECE 314\projects\el_with_synchronization\IO\IO.CPP(73) : error C2051: case expression not constant
    G:\Current Courses\EECE 314\projects\el_with_synchronization\IO\IO.CPP(75) : error C2051: case expression not constant
    G:\Current Courses\EECE 314\projects\el_with_synchronization\IO\IO.CPP(77) : error C2051: case expression not constant
    G:\Current Courses\EECE 314\projects\el_with_synchronization\IO\IO.CPP(79) : error C2051: case expression not constant
    G:\Current Courses\EECE 314\projects\el_with_synchronization\IO\IO.CPP(81) : warning C4060: switch statement contains no 'case' or 'default' labels
    Error executing cl.exe.

    IO.exe - 5 error(s), 1 warning(s)
    I'm not entirely sure about what's wrong with the implementation using the array indices. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    case labels should be constants
    use enum for example
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    Right, the case-label needs to be an integer constant that the compiler knows at the compile-time. You are using an indexed array, which the compiler can't make into a constant at the time of compilation.

    Vart suggests an enum, which is one good choice, e.g. :
    enum somename {Value1, Value2, Value3};
       somename val;
           case Value1:
           case Value2:
           case Value3:
    If you have an array that contains some values, and you really want to switch on the content of the array, then you may want to use a loop to find the correct index and then switch on the index. Or you could make a two-element array:
    struct st {
       int val;
       char *str;
    static const st command_list[] =  { 
       { 0, "Hello" }, 
       { 1, "NHL" },
       { 2, "NFL" },
       for(i = 0; i < sizeof(command_list) / sizeof(command_list[0]); i++)
           if (command_list[i].val == command_read) 
               printf("%s\n", command_list[i].str);

    There may be other solutions that are better for what you want to do, but without understanding what you are actually trying to achieve, this is the best suggestions I can give.
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    Don't forget to put break on each case, otherwise it will continue to the next one.
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