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    Post Fibonacci sequence

    Im tryin to create a program that allows the user to input a number and it will find the corresponding fiboancci number that is that number in the sequence.

    fib sequence 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34

    user inputs : 6

    output : 8

    i was wonderin if someone could help me out Thanx!!

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    This is loops, and this is also probably homework... so all I'm gonna tell you is that it involves one for loop inside of another for loop (if I recall from the last time I did this).. think about it.

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    there is no need for nested loop. A single loop would work.

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    lastdestined, read the Homework policy.
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    laserlight, sorry, I will respect the rules later.

    BTW, you can delete my message, I believe that guy haven't seen it yet

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    It's also not a very good algorithm, as it can't count beyond 100 numbers, and because it store all the unneeded intermediate numbers. You really only need to store 3 numbers at a time, and there' no need to make an arbitrary limit like that.
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