Thread: Removing a file

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    Removing a file

    I created a program to encrypt/decrypt files. The problem is, it creates a new file for the encryption program.

    Now I want to remove the unencrypted file.

    I tried:
    But it doesn't work. Is there a way to remove a file when you're using a variable as the filename?

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    but your sample has missing parts - so it is hard to decide what is your problem

    1. what type is d.filename? if it is std::string you probably need c_str() to pass const char* to remove
    2. have you closed the file before trying to remove it?
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    unlink()? (edit: Ah, or remove() Was looking in the wrong section...)

    And note that on most computers, removing a file just removes the links to the data - the actual data itself is not cleared until something else overwrites it.
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    Thanks vart. I got it to work:

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