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    string Q

    I have a recurring code section that writes data files to a specific directory.
    ../../Data_x_r/PR2/Scheme_2_TVD_1/. Can i specify as a string "'constant" so that I only change it once rather going through every instance and changing it. Hope I am clear

        stringstream ss;
        string file_name;
        ss << "surface_z_" << Hori_L/Diameter << "D_PR_" << P_r << "Pe_Ma_" << Mach << "_Time_" << timer1 << ".dat";
        file_name = ss.str();
        ofstream plotdata(("../../Data_x_r/PR2/Scheme_2_TVD_1/"+file_name).c_str());

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      const string outfile = "../../Data_x_r/PR2/Scheme_2_TVD_1/";
    Edit: outfile is a bad name, outdir would be better.
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    string file_path = "../../Data_x_r/PR2/Scheme_2_TVD_1/"+file_name;

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    But to answer your question maybe:

    I'm not sure that a constant string is completely appropriate, expecially if you have to loop these statements repeatedly. I know that open()'s fist argument is passed as a constant, so you probably have nothing to worry about (in terms of the data changing) in this context.

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