Thread: producing c/c++ code from flowcharts,pseudo code , algorithims

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    Question producing c/c++ code from flowcharts,pseudo code , algorithims

    hello frnds

    is there any way or any software available to produce c/c++ code from the flowcharts or, pseudocodes or ,algorithims

    can any one provide the links or any information

    prethanks to helper

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    No, there is no way.

    That is what programmers are for.

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    Well, that's not entirely true. There are applications that produce C or C++ code from "flowchart drawings". It doesn't mean that you can feed in a JPG of a hand-drawn flow-chart and get a fully functional C program from it, but using the software packages that belong to the product, you can draw some sort of flow-chart or similar, then "compile" the flowchart into C or C++, which is then compiled into machine code to run on the system.

    One such "language" that I have some remote experience with is [1]:

    [1] Main experience is that a colleague of mine had to debug a compiler bug that was caused inside a 90000 line function that the tool generated. Most of that was big switch-statements and complex structs with machine generated names. I didn't envy my colleague at this time....

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    I believe that's what UML does or is trying to do.
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