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    When you started

    When you first started C++ were you really confused?
    I've started reading the "whos afraid of c++?" guide on this site and so far i'm on lesson 9 and I get some of it but alot of it is confusing and I can't remember much of what is what... even though I take notes on it.

    Should I try something simpler like VB, or visualc++ first or should I try and keep going?
    Whenever I look at examples of source code my head explodes ._.

    I know i'll have to eventually learn it for making games and bigger application projects...

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    I'm pretty sure that everyone (if not, most) are left scratching their heads when they're starting out, including me. I'm still very much a beginner, but I have learned a few things. The only thing I can tell you is that you shouldn't give up if things get too hard. I find that, even when I don't understand a concept the first time around, it'll suddenly hit me when I least expect it. Also, stick around the boards often and read the threads and if you can, try to answer other peoples' questions. You can learn a few things from teaching/helping others.

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    I seem to learn things in spurts. When learning C++ I would fly along until I hit a new concept unlike anything I already knew, then I'd feel like I was going around in circles trying to figure it out; then out of nowhere I'd have the "aha" moment when the new concept would finally make sense. After that I'd be flying along until I hit the next plateau...

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    I've been interested in it for a while... But I only started 'learning' it, about a week ago, so i'm pretty confused about everything I see. I'm not going to stop though... I'm doing it as a hobby, im interested in it and it's entertaining. The large paycheck is just a bonus. A massive bonus.

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