Thread: Insert into position of Linked List

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    Insert into position of Linked List

    I am having trouble insearting a node into a linked list into a specified position:

         cout << "Enter letter" << endl;          
         // new node for input
         node *current_in = new node; 
         cin >> current_in -> letter; // input into that new node
         cout << "Enter position" << endl;
         int in_pos;
         cin >> in_pos;    
           node *x = last;  // last node
           node *prev =  NULL;
           int current_node = 0;  
           while (x != NULL) {  
                current_node ++;               
                if (current_node == in_pos)  {          
                    current_in -> next = x;
                    prev -> next = current_in;
                current_in -> next = last;
               last = current_in;
    How can I make this work ?

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    the way you advance in the list should be something like:

    cin >> index;
    node* ptr = head;
    for(int i = 0; i != index; ++i)
    ptr = ptr->next;
    once you hit the index you want, then that's when you set the pointer values instead of keeping it all in a while loop.
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    This may sound trivial but insertions like this into a linked-list are typically not good practice. Which you have here we normally call an indexed-list or map. Linked-lists should use iterators (if you've made an iterator class) or should insert at a certain value in the list not at an index. If you'd like to see how the STL handles list insertions, check this out:
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