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i really don't know, i'm never going to get this right because my teacher is a terrible at teaching, i already submitted my file, but honestly i'm being straight with you, if one of you were to just tweak my original code to make this thing work, i could see what you did, and that is the best way i learn things, i'm absolutely horrible and things like this right now, i need to see what i did and what i should of did, thats how my brain works
The only thing providing you with code will do is give you a template to copy from without understanding for future assignments. As to telling you what you should have done, we've been doing that all this time -- look at all that telling you things in this thread! My last post told you how your for-loop should have gone: this is your response. My post before that pointed out that there is a difference between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 1, 3, 5, which led to your odd question about loops. It's hard to point out what errors are in your code when you don't seem to have any -- at least, you've never shown us any beside that original post. And, despite -- twenty-odd posts in this thread all together? -- you still have never managed to write the problem down correctly; and how important can the answer be if you don't seem to care about the question? I'm not saying you can't be taught, and I obviously can't speak for your instructor, but I can say that right now in this thread you are refusing to learn.