Thread: help with void getData function

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    help with void getData function

    Hello all,
    I am working on a program that will read a text file cpart.dat. I want to use a void getData function that I can call in main. Im having problems to say the least. Here is what I have so far, also: I'm thinking I want to use push_back function in while (inp), to add data to my vectors. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Here is what I have so far:

    void getData(ifstream& inp, vector<int>& itemIDs, vector<string>& itemNames,
                vector<int>& pOrdered, vector<int>& pInStore,
                vector<int>& pSold, vector<double>& manufPrice,
                vector<double>& sellingPrice)
        int id;
        string name;
        int itemsOrdered;
        double mPrice;
        double sellPrice;
        char ch;
        inp >> id;                                        // Read item id
        inp.get(ch);                                    // Read a newline
        getline(inp, name);                                // Read item name
        inp >> itemsOrdered >> mPrice >> sellPrice;        // Read other info of the item
        while (inp)
                                                        // read the remaining items

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    1.better make the function return int - so you can indicate success/failure to the calling function
    2. I'd make the struct that includes all the fields needed and fill the struct - in this case I'd have only 1 vector of structs instead of bunch of vectors.
    3. Of course the next step will be to make a struct class to add some functionality to it (like reading/writing all members with jsut one line of code)
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    I wholeheartedly agree with vart's suggestion: Make it a class, create a read function in the class [and make that one a "all or nothing" - meaning that you either successfully read ALL the data for the struct, or you get "nothing". This means a bit of extra checking to see that you are reading the data correctly, but well worth it the first time you get a "bad" data-file.

    Then it's very easy to build a loop to push the data into vector of that class.

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    Thanks for the replies, I'm not too familar with structs. but I'll look into it.

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