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    check for capital letters

    I am writing a bot and I was wonder if there was a way to check the mutiple cases of a single word due to capitalization.
    The way I check for the use of a word Hello, hello, HELLO, HeLlO would all be different words and this isnt what I want.

    This is how I am doing things right now..

    cout << "Hello.\n";
    return 1;

    How would I make a simple function that would check for all the different capitalixations of a single word, and not only hello, but any other as well.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do. I believe strncmp() or stricmp() is case insensitive (you'd have to look them up). Likewise you can change all chars to upper or lower case before doing comparisons with either toupper() or tolower().

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    I think that the string comparison functions are case sensitive. But if you wanted to, you could create one that was be making all letters capital or lower case and then compare them.

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    The standard string comparison functions are case sensitive, you're best bet is to change the string to either upper case or lower case depending on your mood and test that.
    for( int i = 0; i < SIZE; ++i ) toupper( str[i] );
    if( strcmp( str, "HELLO" ) == 0 )
        // Do something neato like
        cout << "Hello right back at you";
    cout << "Too bad, not equal";
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