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    Unhappy Help With C++ Program!!!

    Create a C++ program that will accept the inputs, and allow the user to view the data ordered by ID# or by student name.


    Welcome to Larry's Friendly Roster Program.
    Choices for commands are:
    A = Add: Enter more data
    I = ID: View the data in ID# order
    N = Name: view the data in Name order
    Q = Quit

    Enter your choice (A,I,N,Q) : A
    Enter ID# 874527
    Enter Name: Bill Farmer

    Enter your choice (A,I,N,Q) : A
    Enter ID# 621837
    Enter Name: Sally Andrews

    Enter your choice (A,I,N,Q) : I
    CWID Name
    621837 Sally Andrews
    874527 Bill Farmer

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    So where is the code you need help with? Show it first - then ask the question
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    Don't you have any idea of where to start from?

    First you need to create a loop in wich your program recognizes the user's input.

    Try and post your code so we can figure out what is your c++ knowledge level.

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    It would be better to use an array/vector too with this.
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    ......anyone else....

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    No. Show us what you've done and ask specific questions about what you need help with.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

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    so what exactly are u trying to do

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    What parts of the language are you allowed/supposed to use? If this is homework, obviously you know what you're allowed to use in order to get it done.

    Are you allowed to use classes/structs to store the info or only ints and strings?

    Can you use an STL header like <algorithm> to do the sorting or do you have to come up with your own sorting function?

    These are the little bits of info people here will need in order to help you (not to mention some code and effort on your part).
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    Read the policy on homework, we don't do homework for you, and nobody should. Post the code you have or go somewhere else.
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