Thread: RWFtpClient remote rename question

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    RWFtpClient remote rename question

    I'm using RWFtpClient to FTP some files...if any of you are familiar with it or any other FTP client software in C++.

    My question is, I'm attempting to remote-rename some files. The documentation on RWFtpClient says to use a rnfr(), followed by a rnto(). The rnfr is "rename from" and rnto is "rename to" from what i can tell.

    When i do this:

    reply = client.rnfr(oldname);
    reply = client.rnto(newname);

    the file doesn't rename.

    Guys/gals, any suggestions?

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    Assuming you did a successful login with enough privileges, inspect the reply object. Answer to rnfr and rnto should be in the 3xx and 2xx range respectively.
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    oh ok
    looks like i was sending the name parameter as a char[] instead of what it should be, an RWCString.

    thanks for the tip

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