Thread: Abstract function with different parameters?

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    Abstract function with different parameters?

    I am making a small game to test my skills.

    I have an Entity class, which is the base class for pretty much anything. It has a Create function which renders my 2d sprite at a given x, y. That is what is similar to each entity, but each entity is different and I need to pass data to it that defines what kind of the specific entity it is.

    Sounds confusing, so I'll try to show you what I mean:

    struct EnemyDefinition
    	int image_number;
    	int health;
    	float speed;
    	char sprite_file[255]; //filename to use to make sprite
    My create function would be:
    Enemy::Create (int x, int y, EnemyDefinition *def)
    Now that is just one Entity (Enemy is derived from Entity). Let's say I have a Player entity. The Create function would be the same, except it would be Enemy::Create (int x, int y, PlayerDefinition *def). The third parameter is different in each Entity so I don't think I can use a pure virtual function, yet what I am trying to do it seems like I should be using one - since every single Entity has a Create function. Is there a smarter way to do this?

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    You can create a Definition abstract base class, then define a hierarchy of Definition objects. Enemy::Create() would then take a pointer to a Definition, upon which you can pass a pointer to a PlayerDefinition and let polymorphism do the job.

    Before you do this though, why not show what is your current class hierarchy, and what each class is for?
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