Thread: Small question about input streams...

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    Small question about input streams...

    Right, I know this is for a trivial program but I'm trying to improve my problem solving skills by making a program that will calculate the average of any amount of numbers you enter, and I plan to do this using Vectors.

    The question is, I know how to put things into vectors, but I'm not sure about multiple items. Here's what I was thinking:

    cin >> Avg1 >> Avg2 >> Avg3;
    double x;
    while (cin >> x)

    I know why cin >> x works, but will it put all 3 of the values into the vector, or just the latest one I've added (Avg3)?

    If what I've said is hard to understand, can cin hold multiple values ready to used?

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    You are using a loop, so it will put values into the vector until EOF is reached (e.g., the user enters CTRL + Z or CTRL + D).
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    That's exactly how I was going to do it, with an End Of File, I just wasn't sure if I could read multiple values into a single variable. Thanks for clearing this up for me

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