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    Error when creating file

    I'm trying to create a program that creates a log file and enters in information.
    I created the following function to just create the file. However, whenever I run it, the program results in an error. When I put the file name directly in the fopen command and comment everything else, it works fine. The variable "Drive" that I send is either "C" or "D".

    void BuildLogFile(char *drive)
    // Build path to log
    	char logFileName[] ="";
    	strcpy(logFileName, drive);
     	strcat(logFileName, ":\\Test\\ppbatch_3.log");
    	fpLogFile = fopen(logFileName,"w");

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    	char logFileName[] ="";
    How much space is there in the above variable?

    How long is your filename?

    And also, considering which forum you posted in, why not use std::string and the c_str() function?

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    Is drive defined as a CHAR or as an ARRAY? If it's a CHAR, you can't use string functions on it.

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    Since you're trying to write into a 1 byte literal string, it should be blowing up.

    To re-write this in C++ instead of the C that it is now:
    void BuildLogFile( const char  drive )
        std::string logFileName( drive );
        logFileName += ":\\Test\\ppbatch_3.log";
        std::ofstream logFile( logFileName );

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    Small corrections:
    no string constructor that takes just a char,
    no ofstream constructor that takes a string.

    void BuildLogFile( const char  drive )
        std::string logFileName( 1, drive );
        logFileName += ":\\Test\\ppbatch_3.log";
        std::ofstream logFile( logFileName.c_str() );
    I might be wrong.

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