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    Beginner's Questions

    Hey, everybody, I'm a beginning C++ programmer, and I've started out using the Code::Blocks editing environment with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. I've had a couple of problems, the first one being that pieces of code such as "/n" and "/t" do not work. Also, a lot of times when I'm trying to compile source code for games on my computer I get a lot of error messages such as "directory does not exist", etc. Most of these error messages occur in the preprocessors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    It's "\n" and "\t". Note the direction of the slash.

    3rd party source code sometimes needs a bit special build instructions, and often works only with the environment of the original developers, because they didn't bother to make it work in others. Such problems can be overcome, but doing so requires some programming knowledge, so you'd be better off just learning C++ from tutorials for now.
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    All right, will do. Thanks a bunch. Also, I feel kind of dumb about the \n things now. I've been using the cout >> endl the entire time
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    cout >> endl
    cout << endl? Note the direction of the angle brackets . . .

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    cout << endl

    happy now

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