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    loop in menu

    guys, I need my program to repeat itself again after we do any step.EX Once I run my program the menu will pops up, I will press 1 and I will enter the code than I need the menu to pops up again without running the program again. I don't know how to use the while loop?

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cctype>
    using namespace std;
    void newCode();
     void printCode();		
    int main()
    	int tester;
    			cout << "select one of these options\n";
     			cout << "(1) Insert a new code\n";
     			cout << "(2) Print the data\n";
     			cout << "(3) Exit the program\n";
    			cin >> tester;
    		else if (tester==2)
    	/*	else if (tester==3)
    			cout << "ERROR!!! You must choose one of the options from 1 to 3";*/
      	return 0;
    void newCode()
    	string serial_number;
    	int length;	
       cout<< "please enter a serial number of 12 characters:";
    	cin >> serial_number;
    	length = serial_number.length();
    	if (length!=12 )
    		cout << "The code you have entered cannot be processed because the code must 12 characters exactly";
    		cout << "The serial number is:/n/" << serial_number;
     void printCode()
     	string serial_number;
     	cout<< serial_number;

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    int tester = 99;
    while(tester != 3)
    Just put your menu between the brackets. It will continue to run untill "tester" equals "3", which is your option to exit the program. Make sure you give tester a value before you use it in the while loop (any number will do as long as it isn't 3).

    You could also use a do while loop:
    }while(tester != 3);
    and you wouldn't have to assign "tester" a value.
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