Thread: How to specify the "ld" when make a binary using g++

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    How to specify the "ld" when make a binary using g++

    I have 2 versions of ld in my machine.
    Suppose I want to specify /usr/bin/ld as the linker to make a binary. How should I write the Makefile?

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    Here is the Makefile

    main : main.o                                                                   
            g++ main.o                                                              
    main.o :                                                                
            g++ -c
    Seems no where to indicate "ld" ?

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    I would set your PATH so that the ld you want is found first, unless you plan to switch back and forth a lot (why you would I don't know).

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    There isn't any way to specify which "ld" to use on the gcc command line.

    There are some things you can use for gcc to tell it where things are:
    1. the -B switch, which tells gcc the base directory to use for the subcomponents.
    2. -specs=FILE to give gcc a new "specs" file. Although I'm not sure if this actually allows you to specify the path of the linker, it's where I think it COULD be done. Syntax is definitely not straight forward!

    Edit: To clarify: The solution by Tabstop is probably the right way to do it.

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