Thread: iterator to dereferencing to referencing again

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    iterator to dereferencing to referencing again

    I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this was bad practice, but had to do it just to get around the compiler error:

    typedef stl_container<type> A;
    typedef different_container<type*> B;
    A a;
    B b;
    for(A::iterator it = a.begin(); it != a.end(); it++)
        b.insert(&(*it)); //dereference, then apply addressof operator again
    Let me emphasize that there is no way for me at the moment to get around this. I need to work on the original object later on, and not a copy. That's why I need to pass around a reference.

    What's the recommended way of doing this? And why is my kludge(?)workaround(?) discouraged?

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    It depends on what stl_container actually is. There are rules about address invalidation for the various containers. A list's entries are invalidated only when they're deleted. A vector's entries are invalidated if something is inserted/erased before their own position, or if the vector has to reallocate. I can't remember the deque rules, but they're harsh. The set and map rules are like list's.
    It's fine to hold pointers to objects in a container that doesn't invalidate. It's dangerous to hold pointers to objects in a container that does. If you know the container won't change during the lifetime of the container holding the pointers, though, you can do that, too.
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    If the pointers might be invalidated, you can hold something else inside both A and B. For example, you could use a shared_ptr<type> inside both A and B. Then, both references should always be valid as long as you are using them.

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    Well, I guess I lucked onto the correct solution then. The A container is a list, and the B container is a vector. Thanks for the help.

    And I'll keep the shared_ptr in mind when I have to use vectors or similar.

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