Thread: I need some help about delaying a method from returning the answer, Asynchronous..

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    I need some help about delaying a method from returning the answer, Asynchronous..

    Thank you for reading my post.
    I have an interface which has two method with several parameters and I should implement this method to complete a task, eg: calculating a series.

    The tester program will load my "dynamic shared library" and call initialize method for calibration. then It create several threads to call the worker method named calcSeries(......) . each thread may call the method several times.

    for example following 4 calls need to be issued by one of the above threads.


    Is it possible to return the result asynchronously ?
    for example I get all calls and then return the result when I complete them?
    Maybe 4th call complete before other ones.


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    A normal function has to return a result synchronously. If you want asynchronous results, you have to look into alternatives to normal return values, such as futures. Google them.
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    It's possible. Why do you want an asynchronous API? Why not just make calcSeries() a synchronous call then the caller can put the call in a separate thread if they want.


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