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Well I am trying to find out these things. I understand the example you showed, isnt that a never ending loop.
Nope. There's an implicit return at the end of the function (AKA subroutine) that frees any local variables, and returns to right after the function call.

I just have one thing that I am unsure about, is a void only accesable from another place and not just going through like the int main?
void is the return type of the function. The name of the function is line1123(). Line1123() can be called from main, or from within any other function, including itself.

and if it does then if I went back to it then wouldnt it just go untile the end fo the void and then would it go back to the exact spot you left it of or would it just go until it hits int main. I will check up on this just a minute.
It will execute code untill the }.