Thread: Hey all Im beginner

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    Smile Hey all Im beginner

    I dont know anything about C++ at the moment hope to learn some
    Do you have good example applications that I can explore ? (games suggested)
    I have Dev-C++, Visual C++ 2008 Express, DarkBasic Professional (downloaded everything I found xD)

    And btw I tried to compile source of This Game
    It was requiring some libraries and stuff, I placed them in include folder of Dev-C++ and tried to test and still there were some errors. It would be good if you can compile it

    I used some easy languages before (JASS - vJASS, Game Maker Language :P)
    And Im not one of "OMG <language name> is too hard I cant do it"
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    Good place for free software, usually has the source.

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    nice !!!


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    I would suggest you spend some time learning the language, before you try and apply that knowledge to what it is you want to do.
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