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    Automake Files w/ Visual C++


    Recently I've been trying to setup the OGG container SDK with Visual C++ 2005 Express, and I've been a little stuck. In the Win32 directory of the SDK, there are Visual C++ 6 workspaces and projects, one Visual C++ 2003 project, and .am (Automake) files. The problem is, in order to create the include files needed for the OGG SDK, I need to run the makefiles, but Automake is a GNU program for MinGW/MSYS. How do I setup the SDK in Visual C++?

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    You will have to either:
    - Find a version of automake that works on Windows - I think this is possible.
    - Figure out what automake actually does, and do that in some other way [e.g. create a batch file, perl-script].

    If the code hasn't ever been compiled for Windows, you'll probably have to do some work before it gives you what you want.

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