Thread: My problem with getline()

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    My problem with getline()

    I dont know if i did it right to make a new thread, because this is the same program
    but another problem.

    I got a problem with istream::getline.
    If i use it without the delimiting character its gonna read the whole file so i cant compare word by word the 2 files.
    If i use the delimiting character ' ' space, it wont take in consideration neither the last word of every line ,
    because there is know 'space' after it, nor the first word of every line, because there is no 'space' before it.
    Maybe i should use another function like read() or something?
    Thanks for any input on this.

    int main ()
      vector<string> vWords1;
      vector<string> vWords2;
      read_file("1.txt", vWords1);
      read_file("2.txt", vWords2);
      sort (vWords1.begin(), vWords1.end());
      sort (vWords2.begin(), vWords2.end());
      vector<string> v;
      set_intersection (vWords1.begin(), vWords1.end(), vWords2.begin(), vWords2.end(), back_ inserter(v));
      cout << "Intersection has " << v.size() << " elements.\n";
      for (size_t i = 0; i != v.size(); ++i)
        cout << "The "<< i+1 <<"." << " element is: " << v[i] << "\n";
      void read_file(const char* name, vector<string>& vWords)
        ifstream file(name);
        string line;
        while (getline(file, line, ' ')) {

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    If the words are separated by whitespace (spaces, tabs or newlines) then don't use getline, use operator >>.

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    Wow, that was simple. I didnt know we could use oparator>> with fstream. *me ashamed*

    Thank you Daved!

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