Thread: Should I cram everything?

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    Should I cram everything?

    I am learning classes and by far its the most difficult topic ive dealt with.I just cant remember everything and when i sit down to write a mind starts asking doubts to itself!!

    How do i remember everything?

    why is no one answering?
    Is it inappropriate to ask such questions in forums?
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    this is a forum, not instant messaging. You will typically need to wait longer than 24 minutes for any reply.

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    As to the appropriateness of the question, the general rule is: the answer will always be at least as vague as the question. So a question such as "How do I remember everything?" is not going to get much of an answer (here, or anywhere).

    The best answer I can come up with is, "How do you remember anything?" You remember (for example) how to do a for loop, you remember how to do recursion, etc. You had to write a metric ton of examples, that's how. Assuming you know what a class is good for (and that's not remembering, that's understanding), the rest is "just" details that will eventually become habit.

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    How exactly does someone ask a doubt?
    Having a doubt I can understand.
    Asking a question I can understand.
    But asking a doubt...?

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    There must be some absolutely shocking English teachers in India. It's always people from India that use the word 'doubt' incorrectly. 'question' is the correct word. Don't get me wrong though, one of my best friends is from India.

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