Thread: Does strfmt("%s",str) has a length restrict?

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    Does strfmt("%s",str) has a length restrict?

    When I use

    string msg = strfmt("%s\n", str.c_str());
    str is a string with size() of 6458, but msg has size() of 1023. What's going on here in strfmt?

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    strfmt() appears to be non-standard, so you would need to refer to the relevant docs.
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    Why not use the standard "sprintf" function? Ok, so you have to muck about a bit more to do that, but it should work. Or use the stringstream class to format a string. Both of these solutions should solve the problem.

    And funnily enough, the first few references to strfmt() that I could find was this question, so I guess it's a pretty unusual function.

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