Thread: Funny error in fopen

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    Funny error in fopen

    I have a code
    FILE *opfile = fopen("output.txt", "w");
    and this code is in a function which is called more than hundred of times.

    And sometimes opfile == NULL, which I think is unbelievable. How can writing to a file generates an error? Does anyone encounter this problem before?

    Thanks alot for your help.

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    fopen() returns NULL if the file can't be opened. There are plenty of reasons why a file can't be opened. This check is necessary.

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    What could be the reasons? Is it possible that there is memory corruption in my program? Or is it some applications is using result.txt?

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    Well if you're opening it "more than hundred of times", then my guess is you're not closing the file later on, and you've run out of file handles.

    You could do this,
    FILE *opfile = fopen("output.txt", "w");
    if ( opfile == NULL ) {
      perror("This is how it goes");
    and see exactly why the file could not be opened.
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    oh man, you are GOOD! you are spot on. I think I run out of file handles. Somewhere in my program, I didn't close another file pointer and all these file pointers accumulate.

    Thanks alot Salem and MacGyver

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