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    OK, so i got a microsoft windows thing on my mac that let me run windows. I downloaded the dev bloodshed C++ compiler and fell in love with it, it was so simple! (I am the uber nub). Well, one day my windows thing just stopped working : ( So what do I do? I download x-code, thats what everyone says to do.

    I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE CONFUSED!!!!! (With all the files and stuff, I couldn't just find where to even type the code!!!!)

    Dev was soooo simple, I just popped in my code, hit compile and run and bam! It was done.

    Is there any help for me, or do I just have to learn to use x-code?


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    Well I'd dump the Mac and get a real PC. But then, that's just me.

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    You could get a command line GCC.
    All the buzzt!

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