Thread: Small help on doubly linked list.

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    Small help on doubly linked list.

    Sorry for the trouble, but this should be pretty trivial. Some of the code

    namespace List
      struct list_t {
        std::string name;
        list_t* prev;
        list_t* next;
      list_t* create(std::string name);
      list_t* add(list_t* ll, std::string name);
    List::list_t* List::create(std::string name)
      List::head = new List::list_t;
      head->prev = NULL;
      head->next = NULL;
      head->name = name;
      return List::head;
    List::list_t* List::add(List::list_t* list, std::string name)
      if(list == NULL)
        List::list_t* new_list = List::create(name);
        return new_list;
      list->next = List::add(list->next, name);
      return list;
    List = List::add(NULL, "CPlusPlus");
    List = List::add(List, "C");
    cout << list->name /*works*/
    cout << list->next->name /*doesn't work, program crashes here =(*/
    For some reason, the list is still empty after the first head. It's probably because the newly made list is a local variable when it's made and when it's returned the local variable is destroyed?


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    Er I managed to fix the problem. Sorry for the trouble. Couldn't find a way to delete/lock the topic though...

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    They could benefit even more if you could post the solution you found.
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