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    I don't know if this is a common problem or not. Essentially I've been programming "on and off" for some time. I'm generally familiar with all the syntax and can complete many basic tasks with a reference text somewhere near by. The problem though, is that I can never seem to become as conversant in the language as I would like to be, mainly because I keep taking on things which are too large, and I never finish.

    Like many things I feel like you make a completely separate mental connection while reading about programming as opposed to actually doing it. So I was wondering if there was maybe a reference someone knew about (I couldn't find one in the tutorials) that had a list of practice exercises to complete, say like 10 or 20 in increasing order of difficulty. Kind of like the thing you would get in a college programming class, but you know, without tuition costs or time constraints that would interfere with my day job. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    For programming against the clock, possibly for some money if you're that good.
    A range of problems from pretty simple to very difficult, with only the satisfaction of you knowing you can do it.
    Find an open source project which interests you, get to know it's code inside out, study the bug reports, try and fix one, submit the change.
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    Try If you can work through this and understand what and why for the solutions, you will have no problem working as a C programmer in anybody's shop.
    I would use some of these during interviews - I was always surprised when developers with 10+ years experience would fall flat on their face.


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    I would use some of these during interviews - I was always surprised when developers with 10+ years experience would fall flat on their face.
    Except that that is a C programming puzzle book, so it would not test things that are C++ specific. Consequently, a person may pass a test based on that book but fall flat on their face on the job.
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