Thread: Cross Platform appplication - porting easy?

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    Cross Platform appplication - porting easy?

    I'm going to write a cross-platform application on Windows and Mac.
    I must use C++ to finish it.
    However I have no experience in programming in Mac and I want to start by using Visual C++ to write the Windows version first. Then port it to Mac.
    May I know is it easy to port?
    and What can I do to make the port more easily?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Use a cross-platform IDE like

    Use a cross-platform GUI toolkit like

    Know what the standard language provides, and what is specific to your OS.

    If you need to use OS features, then create wrapper functions / classes in your code which provide an interface. Encapsulating OS dependencies in a few places makes it much easier to port.
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    You may want to check out Qt. Note that Qt4 is free if you are developing free software. For my typically small scale projects, I don't need to change even a single line when "porting" from one OS to the other (linux to windows in my case).
    IMHO a very well designed and simple to use toolkit, which I would suggest using even if you are developing windows only apps.

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