Thread: Set execution path for spawnle

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    Set execution path for spawnle

    Hi everyone,
    hit some error here, please help. I had tried to spawn the exe using
    spawnl(_P_NOWAIT, "test folder\testing.exe", NULL), but it doesn''t work as I expected. I believe that it must have something to do with the current working directory stuff. Therefore I tried to use the code below. But somehow still cannot, any idea?

    int value;
    char *env_list[] = {"path=C:\\Testing\\Release\test folder",NULL};
    value = _spawnle( _P_NOWAIT, "test folder\\testing.exe",env_list[0], NULL, env_list);

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    you could use the Win32 ShellExecute() command. I don't know the exact parameters for it, but search MSDN and it is easy to use. That is if your only programming for the windows platform.

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    ...\\Release\test folder",NULL};
    should maybe be
    ...\\Release\\test folder",NULL};
    With 2 \'s before test folder
    Don't quote me on that... ...seriously

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