Thread: Fopen returns a cause code 2 but the file exists in the directory.

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    Fopen returns a cause code 2 but the file exists in the directory.

    I get the fact that the cause code value of 2 is for the file not found.

    All I do is just read the file and open to see if its readable.

    I am pasting below a piece of code.
    BOOL bReadFile( BYTE* p, INT32& nSize, CString strFilename)
    	CFile			cfSessionFile;
    	CFileException	ex;
    	if (cfSessionFile.Open( strFilename, CFile::modeRead, &ex))
    		nSize = (INT32) cfSessionFile.GetLength();
    		if((p != NULL) && (nSize > 0))
    			cfSessionFile.Read( p, nSize);
                           {  m_ologging.writelogmessage("failed to open the file with cause =%d",ex.m_cause);
    		return FALSE;
    	return TRUE;
    I am not sure why should the open fail when we try to open just the file in the read only mode. The application is a multi threading environment. I have run out of ideas as the file does exist, i am tryong to open the gzip files. This does not happen always that the read of this fails.

    I would be really happy if i could get any help on it.


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    Print or look at the value of strFilename in the debugger and see if the filename looks correct.

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